Young and Only

About Me

I’m Jenny;
Your ideal escort, if you’re looking for a bit of class, some fun, and an abundance of sexual energy.
Young at heart and in appearance, being an escort is natural for me. My passion is your passion, and I have discovered more secrets about the human body than any other girl my age I know. How young am I? Enough to be legal, and experienced, but still overflowing with youthful vibrancy. I have a dirty mind, a scintillating touch, and a body that won’t dare to quit or disappoint.
I am independent and strong- but, when you book me, I am your slave. First, we establish some ground rules. And then we go crazy on each other. You. Me. And the evening we share together, unbounded by anything else.
Part of being an escort is that whether you want a girlfriend experience or just a tryst, or something other than this (as long as we establish this beforehand), my existence bends to your will, as does my body. I find my womanhood in learning manhood better, and I yearn for you to be my next learning experience. I’ll be low maintenance, but I’ll take charge if you want me to. I’ll go along with each and every one of your desires– unless, of course, your desire is to go along with mine. I can be gentle or assertive, fun or intense, and I can go all night or we can get it all out in one wild burst of pure carnal lust.
My body has been described as a paradise. I treat it like a temple. I work out, eat well, and take good care of myself. Although my life revolves around my sexuality, I have another life in the real world too– my escort self is like my superhero alter ego! Call on me, and I will save the day with whatever you want.
Sexually, I am open-minded. I want what you want. I’m happy if you’re happy. I find my clients to be so impressive, brave, and it is my pleasure to be your pleasure.
As an individual, I am well-educated, well-travelled, and I have always been mature for my age. Although I am sure that one day I will embark on another career, right now I feel as though I have the best job in the world, and wouldn’t give this gig up for anything. I love the fresh and unique experiences. I love this way of learning. I love the variance of bodies. Every individual and every day is a new adventure, and I am always grateful to embrace the new possibilities presented to me, seizing every day as it comes!
My prices are reasonable. My availability fills up fast. If you want me, let me know, and I will find the time for you. I look forward to meeting you, on your terms, in whatever way you want me.
Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask me some questions, to make sure I’m the right escort for you…
I’ll be waiting.