If you are in Quebec looking for the best way to connect with hot young escorts, I have some good news for you. I have been looking at the options, trying them out as a new escort on the scene, and have gathered some handy intel that you should find helpful! Basically, if you are anywhere in Quebec (the bigger the city, the more options, generally), Humpchies is a perfect localized source for all the best escorts in the province.
I know you’re looking for the best there is (because you’re not the only one who is). It is not at all rare for people to share their apprehensions about online escort services with me- for people to tell me they deeply want to experiment with sexy professionals who understand the nuances of the human body, and how to achieve maximum carnal sensuous satisfaction, but they are afraid because they don’t know where to start. I may be new-ish to the game, but I am hearing this all the time!
So, allow me to give you a hand by sharing what I know from my experience as a new, young escort navigating my way through Montreal & Quebec’s world of sex work- and remember, escort services are legal, safe, and not considered the same as prostitution!
First Impressions
Upon first glance, and maybe a bit of navigating through the directories of sites like Humpchies, you should learn just about everything you want to know. Humpchies passes the eye test immediately- well organized and professionally put together. Nice!
For example, while Humpchies is explicitly based in Montreal and to an extent other areas of Quebec, while your usual escort site would call itself something like a “worldwide agency.” Although there will be more women advertising themselves in Las Vegas than Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan (presumably), “worldwide” still tells us that the reach of one is considerably broader than the other.
We think the central location of Humpchies works in its favour, though!
The photos of each escort are verified, so you know who you will be meeting with and what they look like. If you want trans, male, gay escorts, Humpchies happens to based in one of the world’s most liberal, sexual cities, so the escort selection is absolutely impressive.
In my brief experience, as well as the experience of the more senior escorts I have learned from and talked to, sites like these carry far less of a risk in regards to getting taken advantage of by scammers. For example, if you are looking through sites like Craigslist, there are far fewer accountability measures and verification procedures. Meanwhile, on Humpchies, they manage to run a much tighter ship.
The Bottom Line
For those of you in Quebec, I really cannot recommend Humpchies more. It is a great resource for escorts, escort agencies, erotic massages, and massage parlours in cities from Chambly to Gatineau to Montreal to Quebec City.
The options in terms of erotic experiences are seemingly endless, whether you are looking for women of certain skin colour, age, size, skillset, or otherwise.
Do you want porn? Or do you want sex? Do you want to engage in some BDSM? Or do you want some webcam action?
Dozens of listings, with lots of information that can be obtained from specific women just by scrolling over them. The escorts have images, rates, phone numbers, the services they offer, and more. They don’t go overboard with this side of things but seem to go just the right amount.
Personally, I think the layout is quite perfectly executed. It is definitely sleek and simply organized, and I have never heard an interested party complain about that. Indeed, the feedback I get when I work from Humpchies is unanimously good– and I have tried to fish out some constructive feedback before. No dice– oh well!
In Conclusion
So, if you are in Quebec, you bet I recommend Humpchies. I approve of it highly, and I enjoy utilizing this platform myself. It’s top-tier. The women are incredible, and fucking us is made easy with this great site! So what if the site works a bit better in French, and if the average load speeds are not ideal? The updates are frequent, it is easy to use, and the quantity of high-quality escorts is remarkable!… Including myself– check me out– when I am in Quebec, I am on there.
I may be new to this, but I know quality when I come across it! I look forward to continuing to use the site whenever I am in Quebec, one of my favorite parts of the country! There may be more to say about Humpchies, but this is what comes to my mind right now…
Let me know what you think 🙂