Photography gives new perspectives in the world

I am a huge fan of Photography, and I think that it is imperative that more people start sharing their perspectives on the world, and that’s why I actually Instagram is my favorite social media Outlet, because it is all image-based. It’s not just reading people’s political opinions, or anything like that, it is all about sharing images, and the way that people see the world and themselves and others within the world is represented visually. I have always believed that an image can say something much clearer than words can. More so than that, someone’s perspective on it then can tell you more than their words, as in the perspective in which they see something and capture it with an image. I think that the words only make things worse. Now, I know that there are a lot of linguists would disagree with me, but there are also many linguists who would agree with me, that communication is nearly futile with language, and that pictures and images are actually the clearest way of getting many types of point across. I mean, I could describe the way something looks to you, whether it’s an item or a space, or, I could actually go there and take a picture and show it to you. So, this is a difficult thing to go on about, I just seriously say that with the technology today, there’s hardly any excuse for you to not be practicing photography on a casual basis. Seriously, it just makes life way more fulfilling. If you’re somebody that wishes they learn to play the guitar, or pain, or Draw, but just can’t quite find the time to master the rudimentary skills of that creative habit that you want to pick up– What are you waiting for, photography is the thing.

Better Way To Save And Give Gift

I need to get better at buying my husband new gifts. I am actually feeling sad here at our Coal Harbour condos  for days now as I do not have any idea what to give to my husband.

I know that he loves everything I buy him, but I basically buy him the same thing every year. I never buy him anything new or exciting. Generally, what I do is I go to the website called Survival Cooking. From here, I look at the top rated and reviewed camping supplies, and I bought him something that he doesn’t have, or something that he needs to replace. So, if his tent is getting too old, I’ll buy him a brand new tent that has been reviewed as being one of the best in the industry.

As somebody who doesn’t know that much about camping supplies, websites like survival cooking are literally a godsend. However, I do realize that my husband and I have fallen into a pattern of buying each other precisely the exact same things every year. He buys me jewelry. I buy him camping supplies.

So, I was thinking about surprising him inviting him jewelry. No nothing to snazzy, I’ve been mostly looking at the best watches under 500I think that a good watch would totally change the way that he presents himself at formal events, and make him a lot more proud. I love that my man is a humble man, and that he is not always showing off, or flashing around is expensive jewelry and items.

However, I do think that it is nice to have something that you can be proud of, like a very nice watch, and some of the ones that I have tracked down that are about $400 or $450 are absolutely top-notch and I think he would be honored to wear them at certain events. Sometimes, your gut just tells you to change the way you’ve been doing things. This is one of those times.



Be Cool, Own An Electric Scooter

A lot of my blogger friends are into electric scooters these past few months. They discovered the wonders of Unu Motors, a provider of high quality electric scooters or elektrische scooter in The Netherlands.

My blogger friend Rina and Cassy both bought black electric scooters while another one Pam bought a grey one. My friends from college ate also buying their own electric scooters which made me realized that it is indeed the in thing nowadays when it comes to city driving.

We all know driving in the city is not a lot like a walk in the park. It takes a lot of patients and hard work to get through you the day without getting too much stressed.

I just bought one for myself and i never regretted that decision. You see, there are a lot of people who wants to experience a hassle free commuting and Unu Motors got them covered for their great work on electric scooters. Their vehicles do not create noise, they are all powered by electricity, and they have portable batteries which they can take with them whenever and wherever. All these, and more the the benefits of electric scooter. And so if you want to be in, join the latest trend on city driving!

Places to Travel Solo

Would you like to go solo traveling once in your life? Reports say that a person should travel alone once in her life to experience independence. Here are just some of the reason why you should travel alone at least once:

  1. You learn to know more about yourself (You go out of your comfort zone and learn to work things out on your own without depending too much on others.
  2. You develop your skills (Be it hustling, bargaining, defense skills, cooking, and even hitchhiking)
  3. You learn to be independent (Either you sleep alone in a new hostel or work your way in the freelancing world to be a digital nomad, you learn to be independent. If you are a traveler, you also get to be very keen on details. For example, you do not immediately trust people and transactions. People might scam you, and even hotels with website who accept credit cards. Some can also victimize you, rape you, or rob you. A lot can happen. Sometimes you fell victime, sometimes you learn from it, and the good thing is that you can avoid it next time.
  4. You build relationships on the road (While you always ponder on if you should trust a person, you develop the skill of knowing if a person is believable or not.

Some even travel to find themselves, move on, or just learn something new. Whatever it is, here are my top picks to places where you want to travel alone. This is from a blogger who has been to this places. Check it out here: