Top Electronics Buys for DJs

When you want great sounds for your next party choose the right equipment for a knock-out party. You’ll have a big crowd at the door trying to get into your party.
The music will sound so great you’ll have people stopping by just because they hear the music. If you don’t have your own top 5 electronics DJs equipment, you can also rent it for the night from “Windy City Music” for a couple of hundred dollars. My husband is a part-time DJ and he knows a lot about it, sometimes I would go with him and watch, so I get to see all the things he bring with him to DJ for a party, he gets many calls about doing someones Wedding, Birthday party, or any kind of celebration, or outing that calls for a DJ. These are the top 5 electronics for DJs to start your party off.
Things you’re need:

1.) Mixer
2.) CD Dual Player
3.) 2 Speakers amp and immersive sound; Stands
4.) Head Phones
5.) MP3 Player

Those are just some of the things you’ll need but, in order to DJs you’ll need other things like:

6.) Cd’s
7.) Turn Tables
8.) Cordless Mic
9.) Records
10.) Lighting ( small lamp)
11. ) Cords, plugs, ACA, XLR
12.) Extension Cords
13.) Circuit Breaker, Patched Cords

14.) (Optional) Mirror Ball, or you can use a revolving disco Ball.
There are many lighting effects you can set-up for your party, you can have multi-colors flashing lights to the beat, or mini moon lights, or multi flower color lights.

That’s pretty much all the things you’ll need including the top 5 electronics for DJs. You can check out this website for sales, and half prices, and cheap DJs Equipment and Electronics at: for more on whats on sell or half price.

You can purchase like a DJ package that includes everything you need to DJ a party if you like. If you’re just having a one-time party something like that, it would be better to just rent your DJ Electronics or Equipment for that night because, you’ll get some of your money back when you return the equipment. It’s always best to return it on the next business day after the party in order to be able to get some of your money back. Make sure there are no damages, and everything are in the same condition as it was when you rented it.

How to Install PHP Website


PHP Website is a Content Management System with many built in features. This CMS has a built in calendar, poll, menu manager, photo album, FAQ, and much more. The themes for PHP website are real simple and nice. They don’t look cluttered. You can install PHP Website by simply going through your control panel. In this tutorial I will show you how to install PHP Website in a few easy steps.
Log in to your website control panel. Make sure that you log in to the control panel of the website that you wish to install PHP Website on if you have more than one website. After you have logged in you will be carried to the interface page. Locate the Fantastico link at the bottom of this page and click it.

The next page will be the Fantastico page. On this page you will see a list of links down the left hand side of your browser. Click on the PHP Website link under the Content Management category or DNN .net CMS.


On the next page you will see a short description of PHP Website. Below that you will see a New Installation link, the amount of disk space required, and the amount of disk space that you have available. Be sure that you have enough disk space before continuing with the installation. If you don’t have enough disk space you may need to uninstall something or upgrade your hosting package. Click on the New Installation link to continue with the installation.

On the next page you will need to enter the information required to install PHP Website. The first two fields are often confusing to people who are new to installing programs through their control panel. So I will explain the first two fields.

Install on Domain – This field is asking you where would you like to install PHP Website. If you have sub-domains on this domain then you will have more than one choice. If you don’t have sub-domains then you don’t need to do anything with this field. If you have sub-domains and wish to install it on one of them, simply drop the box down and select the one that you wish to install PHP Website on.

Install in Directory – You can install PHP Website in the root directory or a sub-directory. If you install it in the root directory then you will see PHP Website when you visit the home page of your website. If you install it in a sub-directory then you will need to type in a certain URL to access PHP Website. Leave the field blank if you wish to install it in the root directory. Enter a name in the field if you wish to install it in a sub-directory. Make sure that this directory does not already exist.

You will need to create a username and password so you can access the admin panel. Below that you will need to enter your site’s name and your email address. Once you have completed all of the fields click the Install PHP Website button.

The next page will say that you have chose to install PHP Website on so and so domain and in so and so directory. If this information is correct then click the Finish Installation button. To change this information click the back button.

The last page will show your username, password, the admin url, and the url to access PHP Website.

You have successfully installed PHP Website and now you are ready to start setting up your new website.

Productivity Improves When Workers Are Sleeping


You find yourself a bit sluggish at work and simply without energy. The chances are that you are tired and need a better night’s rest. Companies are slowly learning that when employees are tired they are losing money and productivity is wasted. Employees who sleep well also work well and carry on their daily activities with a bounce in their step.
A study by the Institute of Medicine found that sleeplessness costs employers 150 billion dollars a year. These costs are a result of absenteeism, accidents, productivity, etc. all related to employees feeling tired. Where workers are tired they aren’t as likely to be watchful, happy to be at work or may need to take days off for rest. Instead of walking around like zombies they need their rest.

Most of us can remember a time when we could barely function. When we are exhausted we are short with people, don’t feel like working, can’t think very well and our body’s ache. According to the Better Sleep Council nearly 40% of all workers are chronically tired and this results in job dissatisfaction. This job dissatisfaction can lead to higher turn-over rates.

The average person needs 8 hours of sleep a night so that they can avoid the health and psychological problems that come with being fatigued. This time is used to move through the different sleep states so that the body can recover and the mind can rest itself. Sleep also allows for the solving of dissonance created in our minds through problems we face throughout the day. While sleeping our mind weaves these problems into stories (i.e. dreams) that have a resolution and can be put away so that they don’t bother us in the future.

Employers are slowly learning that sleep has to be built into the schedule. Often times, with our fast paced world, we have every electronic device that connects us to our work 24/7. Without the ability to shut down these instant communications from time to time we will feel overwhelmed. This sense of not having enough time to do the things that are required of us will lead to workplace burnout.

One of the simple ways to avoid worker burnout is to provide information on the necessity of getting one’s rest during orientation. The expectation of the job should never be more than 10 hours a day. People who must spend more than this time are either unproductive or they are short-staffed. Burnout can be a problem that is derived from the companies poor planning and companies can be held responsible if major health or psychological problems occur.

If you’re an employer, surprise your colleagues with a gift from Toad Diaries for more productivity.

Quit Smoking with Champix


Smoking is a tremendously awful habit that can be extremely grueling to give up. Yet, I cannot even begin to express the paramount value in quitting. Consider the numerous benefits:
#1. You are more likely to live a longer and better life.
#2. You reduce your chances of suffering a heart attack or stroke.
#3. You reduce your chances of catching lung cancer or emphysema.
#4. Your clothes and your breath smell a whole lot better.
#5. You will not bust out into a painful cough after climbing a set of stairs.
#6. You will have fewer wrinkles on your face and body with its vitamin c serum.
#7. You will have much more energy to pursue recreational activities.
#8. You will save an enormous amount of money.

According to the New York Times, less than 15% of smokers ever manage to quit. They are unable to handle the intense withdrawal symptoms and eventually give up on quitting. Even relying on a nicotine patch does not seem to help. Nicotine patches work by slowing reducing the nicotine in your bloodstream. Unfortunately, this still leads to intense tension, headaches, and withdrawal symptoms.

The solution I would like to offer you today is Champix. Champix is a radical new prescription medication used to treat addiction to smoking. It works by directly binding to your neutral receptors and curbing your crave for tobacco. Furthermore, it even goes so far as to reduce the pleasure obtained from smoking a cigarette. Unlike other smoking treatments, Champix does not rely on using nicotine to cure you of your nicotine habit. This dramatically reduces withdrawal and other negative effects associated with gradual decreased nicotine use.

Champix has also been proven to work better than antidepressants. Antidepressants such as Wellbutrin have been reported by the Panted Medicine Prices Review Board to offer only a 33% success rate compared to the 44% offered by Champix. Although 44% may seem little, it actually represents a breakthrough to the medical community. As of 2008, Champix is currently the most effective and successful smoking treatment available on the market.

Obtaining Champix does require obtaining a medical prescription for a professional Doctor. Thankfully, one can easily log onto the Internet, fill out an online consultation form, and then receive Champix from a registered Internet Doctor. So don’t let your body keep deteriorating folks! Sign up now and get yourself some Champix! Smoke just isn’t worth it!

Martin Downs, “Taming That Overwhelming Urge to Smoke”, New York Times

“Report on New Patented Drugs – Champix”, Panted Medicine Prices Review Board

Optimize Your Web Presence!


In order to choose a Web-Designing amp; Web Applications company that is most competent and highly versed in giving clients a meaningful and noteworthy web presence, it is important to take some of the key areas pertaining to the highly specialized aspects of web presence into consideration…
1. The Server offered for website hosting

2. The domain on which website is being hosted.

3. The server space allocation

4. The design aspect of the website(Whether it is a flash based site/a static site/a dynamic site)

5. The payment gateway offered for secured transactions (In case of an E-commerce website)

It is always advisable to choose a Web-Designing amp; Web Applications company that offers the most comprehensive umbrella of Web-Designing solutions under one roof, using latest technological innovations amp; highly skilled professional hands to offer most user-friendly customized solutions; a company that offers the right kind of support at both on-site amp; off-site ends to provide its’ clients with maximum satisfaction. It will also be worthwhile to take a look at the list of the company’s clients; because they bear the true testimony of the performance delivered by the company through the years of its operations. A complete Web-Designing amp; Web Applications company should essentially be having the following solutions’ offerings in its umbrella of Web-Designing services.

Choosing a quality Web-Designing amp; Web Applications or web development companies is a tricky task; but with right information and knowledge, you can choose a solution provider that gives you full value for the money that you are spending on creating a unique web identity of your own…

Getting Odd Jobs After College

Jobs are difficult to get especially now that few people are required to fill the many positions in the companies and other organizations. With the advent of computerizing the job sector, one person can perform, with the aid of a computer, a lot of tasks previously performed by well over 100 people.

The computerization of the job market has also led to people trying to acquire many skills so that they can become viable for employment thereby diminishing the chances of those who are fresh from colleges. The graduates therefore find it so difficult to achieve what was once a lifetime dream because most colleges do not offer an opportunity for one to develop skills in many careers, and these careers are also very demanding that they can’t be done by one student within a limited time of college life.

So now that you are about or that you have come out of college, and you have been looking for a job which seemingly never come to materialize, what options do you have to earn your self a living and at the same time realize your life long dream of becoming a master in your profession?

There seems to be no clear answer to this but as a student who is just about to graduate from college, I would advice that you should consider acquiring some skills in technology so that you can be able to improve your skills in other areas as you earn yourself some income from the odd jobs. I myself experience doing some hospitality jobs to save money for college.

Because information nowadays sell like hot cake, if you could have learnt some basics in typing and web development, then you go online to look for partners who can enable you use your web skills earn some income, then you would appreciate the savings you would get for not actually looking first hand for the job you were trained on. Another area of the job market that should have been trained but because of the limited resources or otherwise time is the marketing and advertising sector. As you strive to get yourself a place to work, you should look for opportunities to market some products that are either upcoming or due to some reasons have not gained acceptance by the consumers. The marketing and advertising job as earned a lot of my friends that came from college a good amount of money that help them puss forward in life.

Though some students might think that going to low in life might be a disaster, personally during my vacation I do cleaning of hostels in a nearby institution in order to get my self the next semester’s fees. Sometimes I even bend too low to be a copy typist in a typing bureau, or go ahead to do editing and formatting, including graphic design or help someone in these fields perform their jobs.

Opting for an odd job should not be limited to the office oriented jobs or even the so called white caller jobs. But jobs that can be done in the agriculture sector during harvest of different kinds of crops, during the times of weeding, and even during plantations should be taken gracefully. In life, one should be able to venture even into the construction industry for in every job done, there will always be some income that is gained. Don’t waste your time burdening your parents and guardian to provide for you your basic needs yet with your two hands, legs and the brains you can for the meanwhile make a lot of difference in the economic status of your own self…and be better physically.

A storm


Ian grew up in a home of a complete family. He has a father with a stable job. His mother, a plain housewife, cooks sumptuous meals each day for her children. Ian’s two little sisters, Carol and Melinda, goes to school along with their ambition of being a nurses or teachers. They had a nice bungalow house, a place where they grew from since birth, great neighbours and a peaceful surrounding.

Until Ondoy came.

September 23 of 2009, a day they never realize will change their lives forever, has been a tragedy for Ian’s family.

He was in his school that time for his NSTP class, along with his friends, waiting for the heavy rain to stop while talking and laughing at their latest drinking session mishap the night before.

He was about to text his mother to say that he will come home late because he will be at his friend’s house but then he realized that his phone does not have a signal.

Water begun to rise in his school so they were asked to stay overnight for safety measures. One of his friends even said that Marikina River has reached its alert level because of the heavy rains.

Ian just shrugged off the idea that Marikina will be flooded because he has not experienced that before.

The morning after, they were given the permission to go home. But then Ian suddenly felt a surge of panic after hearing from others that their village, Provident Village in Marikina, was heavily affected by the flood.

After alighting the LRT train in Katipunan, not a single jeepney was there. So he and his friends decided to walk to their houses. Horror shocked his eyes as he passed by garbages, dead cats and dogs and worst, even people.

He run to their village then saw a pile of dead bodies just in front of the gate.

“It was like the end of the world,” Ian said as he recalled how unimaginable the experience could be. He was shocked to see familiar faces looked so terrified and horrible. Houses were covered with muds, things are cluttered in the streets, from a baby’s diaper to slippers to dvd players and computer parts.

Everything was literally destroyed.

Heavy mud and garbage block his way to their house, two streets from the gate. He saw his mother outside of their mud-covered house, crying as she looks for their things that can be used again. Upon seeing Ian, she hurriedly hugged him and thanked God for he is still alive.

Ian found his sisters in deep silence as they look at their personal things destroyed. Luckily, none of them were hurt. His sisters and his mother immediately climbed to their rooftop upon seeing that the water rises quickly with only important documents, some clothes and water with them.

They almost lost everything. From their car to the appliances. Gone were his books in school, as well as those of his sisters, their photo albums were covered with mud and his mother’s plants were all destroyed. He thought that he will lose everything. That the tragedy that take away his plans of being an engineer someday.  It broke his heart to see the things his parents saved for them in the future be destroyed in just a blink of an eye.

His father decided to leave the village for good. Though it is hard for Ian, he cannot do anything and blame anyone. All they want is to forget the bitter memory of that tragic day. They sold their house at a very low price, just enough to start again in another place.

But then, he said he is still fortunate. His family’s loss is nothing compared to what their other neighbours had. Ian was still fortunate because he still have his two sisters with him, now on their college, not like his closest buddy in their neighbourhood who not only lose his favourite dog but also his sister who should have been pursuing Education today.

Two years after Ondoy, they now live in Concepcion ,Marikina, renting a small house perfect for his family.

Ian has to stop from school and work in a nearby fast-food chain to help his sisters in sending them to school.

And together, they face a new life, a second chance to live and survive a tragedy and move one, knowing that they learned something from the experience.

Ian never wanted the experience to happen again, but if it occurs again, he is sure to be ready.

He is grateful still, though their house which ws built supposedly for their future and his future family, because he still has his family with him.

He thought that they still have each other and nothing is as blessed with his family complete amidst Ondoy. Right now, Ian is on his way to purusing and learninfg hosting provider, especially najlepszy hosting which he wishes he can push through.


Fit by heart

 She dons a sunny vibe as bright and colorful as her trademark sporty ensemble whenever she’s out and about town. Her smile never ceases to brighten someone when he’s about to quit. And with her smile is an infecting positivity and unending belief that you can do it when you learn not to give up.

Coach Leslie has already saw hundreds of people who wanted to lose weight. She says weight loss is easy, but lifestyle change takes time.  “When you say weight loss, you can be thin by starving yourself. You’ll feel weak, then you’ll have a rebound. But there’s a healthier way of losing weight and sustaining it and keeping it as a lifestyle,” Coach  Leslie says, who was a former director of a gadgets company, with focus in sites like  gadget reviews R-Tech24.  This can be done through changing your physical activities, letting go of the emotional burden, and eventually transforming their psychological outlook. From there, they embrace a lifestyle change.

“And weight loss becomes the bonus,” she explains.  With her husband, she spreads their advocacy of embracing fitness as a way of life.  At a young age, she has been exposed to fitness-related activities. She’s into sports, running, ballet, and gymnastics. For years, she never ceased to learn and broaden her horizons on new fitness trends and workout that she can share to her audience. She is a certified Zumba and Cross Fit instructor, and has gained too many to mention course certificates aboard. She also gained a certificate as a Holistic Plant Based Raw Food Chef in Arizona, an opportunity to inject nutrition-based approach to their programs. But her training never stops there. She always travels aboard to learn the new trends and technology so they can bring it and share them to the public. “Being educated here and abroad, you have a grasp of what is happening in the international scene and what needs to be introduced here, it’s just a different awareness and consciousness,” she says. This woman is more than what her looks can offer. There is more to her than the taut tummy and tall physique.

While Coach Mike carries his own charisma, she exudes a positive vibe whenever she takes on the mic, gaining the attention of the crowd with her beaming smile and sunny disposition.


Why not kids?

I do not envision myself having kids in the future because of my fear of pregnancy. I don’t think I would survive nine long months of carrying another life. Also, I still couldn’t imagine myself having intercourse with another person (laughs). I don’t even consider adoption because I really am not good with kids. I only see myself doing relevant social works, and I believe that is where I am only heading to.

As of now, I don’t think I would change my mind since I only want to focus on my parents, and I want to grow old with them. And, I really am not fond of kids. And besides, kids cant teach me how tos! Like how to know access point test or know how to cook.I need a guide here.

Exploring with my Camera


The Abbey is an example of England’s ecclesiastic architecture; a feel of being taken back to medieval Europe. This Anglican Church is the heart and soul of Great Britain’s spiritual life. It has played host to 26 royal weddings and 38 coronations and the final resting place for hundreds of Great Britain’s legendary figures.

Westminster Cathedral

We attended an early Sunday morning mass at this Cathedral. Not to be confused with the more famous Westminster Abbey, the Westminster Cathedral is the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church in Britain. The Cathedral was dedicated to The Most Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, to his Blessed Mother, his Foster Father St Joseph and St Peter, his Vicar. Luckily, I have my 360 camera to document videos and photos of my trip so I can also let my family see the sights I visited.