Decorating a Bedroom for Twins When They Don’t Agree on the Theme


Decorating a bedroom for twins can be a bit of a challenge if there is no consensus between them about what the theme should be. Short of having a spare room you could convert into an additional bedroom to get around there refusal to agree, you may be faced with trying to appease two very different points of view.
“But I don’t like butterflies!” “Well, I don’t like rainbows!” Whether your tag team consists of boy or girls or both, I’ve got a few tips that may save your sanity and bring some peace and tranquility to the task at hand.

The twins may not be in agreement on what theme to use for decorating their bedroom, but they just might agree on what color to paint the walls. Pick up some paint swatches and let them peruse through them for a couple of days. There’s always the option of painting one wall a different color than the rest. This would give them the opportunity to each choose a color.

Another part of the decorating plan that could give both twins a choice would be where to place the furniture in the room. Let one decide where the beds go, the other where the dressers go. This will teach them compromise while at the same time allow them to retain a sense of control.

In addition to these ideas, it’s also possible their individual themes could be merged together. Take for instance the butterflies and rainbows. Maybe some different size rainbows with butterflies fluttering in the air around them painted on the walls? Or a combination of rainbow and butterfly curtains and pictures. There’s lots of ways to meld two different themes into a beautifully decorated bedroom. As long as one gets their rainbows and the other gets their butterflies, they’ll be happy.

Another idea is to designate a small area of the bedroom they can call their own. Let their creative juices flow in these individual areas. Hang a small shelf for each of twin. Let them fill it with items relating to their individual theme. A certain wall they can hang their posters on. Even a specific window they can dress in whatever fashion they desire.

No matter how much they knock heads, allow each twin to have their own set of theme sheets and a matching bedspread. Personal name plates for their headboards are always a winner as well as their own individual choice of a throw rug to keep on the floor at the side of their bed.

Speaking of beds, why not let the twins paint pictures or designs on the woodwork and headboard of their beds? Stencils or sponge shapes could ensure a neat and uniform design, and each twin gets to add to their own theme.

The important thing to remember is that although they are twins, they should be allowed to express their individuality. After all, they’ve had to share everything from the womb, their parent’s attention and their toys since they were born.

Allowing twins to have their individual say in how to decorate their bedroom is a great way to foster the idea that even though they are twins, they are two separate people with different likes; and that’s ok.

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