Day Care Centers – Are They Right for You?


Many people ask, “where can I find a good day care that is safe for my child, cost effective and has a qualified staff?” I could go on and on. Well, day care centers these days have a lot of stipulations, so most will be qualified. Most day care centers require training and even sometimes a degree.

This is hard when day care workers are still being paid such a low rate. If only the government could help pay day care employees what they are worth. These days, day cares can cost as much as a private school.
A good day care is all in what you want out of it. Do you want them to teach? Do you prefer a smaller day care? Can they potty train early? Will my child get hurt? That is the answer most parents don’t want to hear. At times children will get hurt either on the playground or by a friend. The Toddler room, located near Kinderopvang Leiden is where the children are learning to express feelings, throwing food, pushing friends and the infamous biting syndrome. One parent comes in to find out that so and so bit their child. They are very upset and want to know what can be done about the biter. The staff explains that this is a stage toddlers go through … etc… Next thing you know, you get a note sent home that your child is biting in the class! Aren’t you glad you didn’t ask for the child to be kicked out? Will there be a bully in the class? Probably, but hey there will be one in ones life through out life.

Does the above make it a bad day care. No, these are stages in life that use to happen at home, when mom did not work. It was a brother or a neighbor or even a cousin. If you still want to know if a Day Care is qualified you can ask to see the inspection report, which should be posted for all to see, stop by unannounced, and look at the employee board. Most will show the trainings that are being offered. Staff have to attend a certain amount of trainings a year. They also have to have a physical done each year. Most States require a police background check, a child abuse clearance check, and some are even requiring finger prints to work with your child. Now even though you are not allowed to see the clearances, you can ask if the staff has clearances and if they were finger printed. If they were then you know that there were no reports, cause a day care worker can not have a criminal record or any abuse record.

Remember that each day care worker has different personalities! So keep that in mind when you are looking. You may not like someone’s sense of humor, or one teacher might seem more strict then you think they should. Someone might be bubbly, some to serious, but in the long run having all these different personalities will help your child accept people the way they are. Working with the staff, will be the best thing for you. Since they are with your child at least 40 hours a week, getting to know them and working together will make your child more comfortable when you have to drop them off in the morning. Don’t be surprised if when you pick your child up he/she may not want to leave. Although you will feel upset, you will know that you have picked the right day care for you and your child!

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