Top Electronics Buys for DJs

When you want great sounds for your next party choose the right equipment for a knock-out party. You’ll have a big crowd at the door trying to get into your party.
The music will sound so great you’ll have people stopping by just because they hear the music. If you don’t have your own top 5 electronics DJs equipment, you can also rent it for the night from “Windy City Music” for a couple of hundred dollars. My husband is a part-time DJ and he knows a lot about it, sometimes I would go with him and watch, so I get to see all the things he bring with him to DJ for a party, he gets many calls about doing someones Wedding, Birthday party, or any kind of celebration, or outing that calls for a DJ. These are the top 5 electronics for DJs to start your party off.
Things you’re need:

1.) Mixer
2.) CD Dual Player
3.) 2 Speakers amp and immersive sound; Stands
4.) Head Phones
5.) MP3 Player

Those are just some of the things you’ll need but, in order to DJs you’ll need other things like:

6.) Cd’s
7.) Turn Tables
8.) Cordless Mic
9.) Records
10.) Lighting ( small lamp)
11. ) Cords, plugs, ACA, XLR
12.) Extension Cords
13.) Circuit Breaker, Patched Cords

14.) (Optional) Mirror Ball, or you can use a revolving disco Ball.
There are many lighting effects you can set-up for your party, you can have multi-colors flashing lights to the beat, or mini moon lights, or multi flower color lights.

That’s pretty much all the things you’ll need including the top 5 electronics for DJs. You can check out this website for sales, and half prices, and cheap DJs Equipment and Electronics at: for more on whats on sell or half price.

You can purchase like a DJ package that includes everything you need to DJ a party if you like. If you’re just having a one-time party something like that, it would be better to just rent your DJ Electronics or Equipment for that night because, you’ll get some of your money back when you return the equipment. It’s always best to return it on the next business day after the party in order to be able to get some of your money back. Make sure there are no damages, and everything are in the same condition as it was when you rented it.

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