How to Install PHP Website


PHP Website is a Content Management System with many built in features. This CMS has a built in calendar, poll, menu manager, photo album, FAQ, and much more. The themes for PHP website are real simple and nice. They don’t look cluttered. You can install PHP Website by simply going through your control panel. In this tutorial I will show you how to install PHP Website in a few easy steps.
Log in to your website control panel. Make sure that you log in to the control panel of the website that you wish to install PHP Website on if you have more than one website. After you have logged in you will be carried to the interface page. Locate the Fantastico link at the bottom of this page and click it.

The next page will be the Fantastico page. On this page you will see a list of links down the left hand side of your browser. Click on the PHP Website link under the Content Management category orĀ DNN .net CMS.


On the next page you will see a short description of PHP Website. Below that you will see a New Installation link, the amount of disk space required, and the amount of disk space that you have available. Be sure that you have enough disk space before continuing with the installation. If you don’t have enough disk space you may need to uninstall something or upgrade your hosting package. Click on the New Installation link to continue with the installation.

On the next page you will need to enter the information required to install PHP Website. The first two fields are often confusing to people who are new to installing programs through their control panel. So I will explain the first two fields.

Install on Domain – This field is asking you where would you like to install PHP Website. If you have sub-domains on this domain then you will have more than one choice. If you don’t have sub-domains then you don’t need to do anything with this field. If you have sub-domains and wish to install it on one of them, simply drop the box down and select the one that you wish to install PHP Website on.

Install in Directory – You can install PHP Website in the root directory or a sub-directory. If you install it in the root directory then you will see PHP Website when you visit the home page of your website. If you install it in a sub-directory then you will need to type in a certain URL to access PHP Website. Leave the field blank if you wish to install it in the root directory. Enter a name in the field if you wish to install it in a sub-directory. Make sure that this directory does not already exist.

You will need to create a username and password so you can access the admin panel. Below that you will need to enter your site’s name and your email address. Once you have completed all of the fields click the Install PHP Website button.

The next page will say that you have chose to install PHP Website on so and so domain and in so and so directory. If this information is correct then click the Finish Installation button. To change this information click the back button.

The last page will show your username, password, the admin url, and the url to access PHP Website.

You have successfully installed PHP Website and now you are ready to start setting up your new website.

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