Productivity Improves When Workers Are Sleeping


You find yourself a bit sluggish at work and simply without energy. The chances are that you are tired and need a better night’s rest. Companies are slowly learning that when employees are tired they are losing money and productivity is wasted. Employees who sleep well also work well and carry on their daily activities with a bounce in their step.
A study by the Institute of Medicine found that sleeplessness costs employers 150 billion dollars a year. These costs are a result of absenteeism, accidents, productivity, etc. all related to employees feeling tired. Where workers are tired they aren’t as likely to be watchful, happy to be at work or may need to take days off for rest. Instead of walking around like zombies they need their rest.

Most of us can remember a time when we could barely function. When we are exhausted we are short with people, don’t feel like working, can’t think very well and our body’s ache. According to the Better Sleep Council nearly 40% of all workers are chronically tired and this results in job dissatisfaction. This job dissatisfaction can lead to higher turn-over rates.

The average person needs 8 hours of sleep a night so that they can avoid the health and psychological problems that come with being fatigued. This time is used to move through the different sleep states so that the body can recover and the mind can rest itself. Sleep also allows for the solving of dissonance created in our minds through problems we face throughout the day. While sleeping our mind weaves these problems into stories (i.e. dreams) that have a resolution and can be put away so that they don’t bother us in the future.

Employers are slowly learning that sleep has to be built into the schedule. Often times, with our fast paced world, we have every electronic device that connects us to our work 24/7. Without the ability to shut down these instant communications from time to time we will feel overwhelmed. This sense of not having enough time to do the things that are required of us will lead to workplace burnout.

One of the simple ways to avoid worker burnout is to provide information on the necessity of getting one’s rest during orientation. The expectation of the job should never be more than 10 hours a day. People who must spend more than this time are either unproductive or they are short-staffed. Burnout can be a problem that is derived from the companies poor planning and companies can be held responsible if major health or psychological problems occur.

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