Fit by heart

 She dons a sunny vibe as bright and colorful as her trademark sporty ensemble whenever she’s out and about town. Her smile never ceases to brighten someone when he’s about to quit. And with her smile is an infecting positivity and unending belief that you can do it when you learn not to give up.

Coach Leslie has already saw hundreds of people who wanted to lose weight. She says weight loss is easy, but lifestyle change takes time.  “When you say weight loss, you can be thin by starving yourself. You’ll feel weak, then you’ll have a rebound. But there’s a healthier way of losing weight and sustaining it and keeping it as a lifestyle,” Coach  Leslie says, who was a former director of a gadgets company, with focus in sites like  gadget reviews R-Tech24.  This can be done through changing your physical activities, letting go of the emotional burden, and eventually transforming their psychological outlook. From there, they embrace a lifestyle change.

“And weight loss becomes the bonus,” she explains.  With her husband, she spreads their advocacy of embracing fitness as a way of life.  At a young age, she has been exposed to fitness-related activities. She’s into sports, running, ballet, and gymnastics. For years, she never ceased to learn and broaden her horizons on new fitness trends and workout that she can share to her audience. She is a certified Zumba and Cross Fit instructor, and has gained too many to mention course certificates aboard. She also gained a certificate as a Holistic Plant Based Raw Food Chef in Arizona, an opportunity to inject nutrition-based approach to their programs. But her training never stops there. She always travels aboard to learn the new trends and technology so they can bring it and share them to the public. “Being educated here and abroad, you have a grasp of what is happening in the international scene and what needs to be introduced here, it’s just a different awareness and consciousness,” she says. This woman is more than what her looks can offer. There is more to her than the taut tummy and tall physique.

While Coach Mike carries his own charisma, she exudes a positive vibe whenever she takes on the mic, gaining the attention of the crowd with her beaming smile and sunny disposition.


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