Missing the old times of summer


I know! Summer is fast approaching and I am so excited! I bet you are excited to hit the neareast beach or go trekking in a new mountain and all. I too am excited to get my skin tanned and get more sunlight too. I have been longing to achieve a natural tan so I can flaunt my curves. Haha. But really, summer also spells fun, happiness and shopping! I have been listing down the things I need to buy for my next beach adventure with my long time pals Vern, Nica, and Nikki and I am excited to hit the mall with them soon. My three friends and I have been travel buddies for quite some time now. We met in a club and we just get together to speak about our common yearning to hit the beach and just relax and meet boys too.


Of course, number 1 is swimsuit! I need to get at least three of its kind, one black, one pink, and one red. I am also thinking if I should buy a couple of florals and prints for some variety. I also listed down hats, a few sarongs, and some sandals.


As for toyuring the city, I need rubber shoes, shirts that are easy to dry, some sunblock, one cap and watches. I think I should buy a few wooded watches from best wooden watches storeĀ  to complement my dresses. What do you think guys?