Know your worth

So here’s the thing about the vitamin C serum that I think that often goes under appreciated it’s the fact that I think that it is one of the best things that I’ve ever seen for all sorts of skin care, twerk for dry skin there’s also works for alleviating and the effects of Aging, I know that the term anti-aging is sort of a buzzword, but this is a real anti-aging cream, and it is scientifically proven in peer-reviewed studies to alleviate the negative impacts of physical aging on the face, including wrinkles sagging skin and discoloration and other things like that, and I really just don’t think that that can be undervalued, because this is the type of thing that people have always wanted the kind of thing that creates great and security in people. So, at the end of the day, I just am so impressed that somebody actually came out with the thing and made it happen and now that it works so good I don’t see any reason why anyone should refrain from indulging in this incredible product and doing what you got to do to make it happen and make it happen for yourself, I mean it’s very inexpensive and it’s really something to be doing for your own health in your own confidence in your own physical appearance. So, with this in mind, I’m forced to ask why more people aren’t engaging with this type of technology in skin cream, I guess it’s just cuz of a lack of awareness, but I imagine that it’s really going to blow up you know, any day now, because it is just something that would have such a high demand and interest so many different people, like, basically anybody over the age of 40 I would think.

Caring for the Elderly

We will be having a fundraising activity for the elderly in the coming months. We will have a mini concert to happen in our gymnasium. Proceeds of which shall be given to an elderly charity. After which, we shall also hold a garage sale, and gather donations (cash or in kind)  so we can give it to them. We also want to hold a party at the charity center for the elderly. My pal, who is a businessman, pledged to give supplies for the charity, and even offered to sponsor giveaways such as clothes, wood watches, some bed and an aircon. I am glad a lot of people are supporting our advocacy and we want other people to know more about this activitiy. I am sure a lot of people would love to help the elderly and I know lots and lots also want to conduct the same advocact campaign such as this. If you need to know more about the activity, kinldy get in touch with me so we can coordinate and organize. Thankyou!

The effectiveness of giving gifts

That, that ring, it had such a huge, fueling effect on me, it totally gave me a resilient feeling and energized me in a way that allowed me to accept my situation and begin the process of recovery and healing. There are very few gifts that can have this effect on people, but I found the juju is a consistent source of high-quality options of things that are exist in this vein, and do all sorts of good things for people. Honestly, it is impossible to give the physical gifts that you want to give when somebody is having a hard time, because they are things that can be given in a direct, material sense in most sentences. For example, when I know somebody who is able, I want to give them compassion, protection, and Tranquility. I can create some of those things for them, and be as generous as I can, but you can’t really get that across in a gift, can you? Well, I think I found a way to do it, and I think it is a beautiful idea and a wonderful solution to this problem. The website is Juju supply (, and it is really an amazing thing, it is full of great gift ideas for people who are in recovery phases, or struggling to heal, or are just being negatively affected by an illness, and are at a dark place because of it. Obviously, when we are ill or injured or anything like that, we suffer from a lot of unique struggles that you don’t usually suffer from. This happens to everybody, and it is totally Universal, though it always manifests in a very personal way.

Photography gives new perspectives in the world

I am a huge fan of Photography, and I think that it is imperative that more people start sharing their perspectives on the world, and that’s why I actually Instagram is my favorite social media Outlet, because it is all image-based. It’s not just reading people’s political opinions, or anything like that, it is all about sharing images, and the way that people see the world and themselves and others within the world is represented visually. I have always believed that an image can say something much clearer than words can. More so than that, someone’s perspective on it then can tell you more than their words, as in the perspective in which they see something and capture it with an image. I think that the words only make things worse. Now, I know that there are a lot of linguists would disagree with me, but there are also many linguists who would agree with me, that communication is nearly futile with language, and that pictures and images are actually the clearest way of getting many types of point across. I mean, I could describe the way something looks to you, whether it’s an item or a space, or, I could actually go there and take a picture and show it to you. So, this is a difficult thing to go on about, I just seriously say that with the technology today, there’s hardly any excuse for you to not be practicing photography on a casual basis. Seriously, it just makes life way more fulfilling. If you’re somebody that wishes they learn to play the guitar, or pain, or Draw, but just can’t quite find the time to master the rudimentary skills of that creative habit that you want to pick up– What are you waiting for, photography is the thing.