Places to Travel Solo

Would you like to go solo traveling once in your life? Reports say that a person should travel alone once in her life to experience independence. Here are just some of the reason why you should travel alone at least once:

  1. You learn to know more about yourself (You go out of your comfort zone and learn to work things out on your own without depending too much on others.
  2. You develop your skills (Be it hustling, bargaining, defense skills, cooking, and even hitchhiking)
  3. You learn to be independent (Either you sleep alone in a new hostel or work your way in the freelancing world to be a digital nomad, you learn to be independent. If you are a traveler, you also get to be very keen on details. For example, you do not immediately trust people and transactions. People might scam you, and even hotels with website who accept credit cards. Some can also victimize you, rape you, or rob you. A lot can happen. Sometimes you fell victime, sometimes you learn from it, and the good thing is that you can avoid it next time.
  4. You build relationships on the road (While you always ponder on if you should trust a person, you develop the skill of knowing if a person is believable or not.

Some even travel to find themselves, move on, or just learn something new. Whatever it is, here are my top picks to places where you want to travel alone. This is from a blogger who has been to this places. Check it out here:

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