Where to Go in Charlotte, NC to Ice Skate

Where do you go in the Charlotte area when you want to don your ice skates, glide around the ice (we hope), and enjoy some smiles and laughs doing something just a little bit out of the ordinary? An ice rink, of course! It’s the perfect winter-time fun, but don’t worry… you can go year-round. Here is a great reference list for those of us brave enough to join in on the fun!
Please make sure to get all the information you need before heading out to one of these locations. Times are prone to change, and each rink has their own schedule including those for open skating and training. Prices vary, too, so please call ahead.

Extreme Ice Center

4705 Indian Trail – Fairview Road
Indian Trail, NC
(704) 882-1830

Visit the website or call ahead for open skating times. They also offer private lessons if you have no idea what you’re doing or just are a little rusty.


The Ice House at Eastland Mall

5595 Central Ave.
Charlotte, NC
(704) 568-0772

Connected with the mall, it’s a great place to plan your entire day! Kids love it, as well as adults… and it has a fine reputation behind it as being a fun family place. People who are walking by in the mall stand above on the 2nd and 3rd floor and look down onto the rink while everyone skates, which is rather exciting. You can skate all day for just $6!

Pineville Ice House

400 Towne Centre Blvd
Pineville, NC (just outside of Charlotte)
(704) 889-9000

They have a great public schedule, which you can view at http://www.pinevilleice.com/schedules.htm. They also offer private lessons by various teachers, which you may enjoy. There’s a lot going on at this rink, so call ahead to find what you’re looking for, or visit their website at www.pinevilleice.com.

Ice Castle Skating Rink

1901 Northwest Blvd Ste N
Newton, NC
(828) 466-1173

Located just outside of Charlotte, it’s not too far and it’s family-oriented. There’s also a shop there selling finds like tactical flashlight and other necessities where I immediately buy!

Backpacking Fiji: Health and Safety Information


Can anything go wrong in paradise? Yes, it can, and if you’re not prepared, it will most certainly happen to you. Fiji is a wonderful island – the locals are friendly, the food is delicious and diverse, the beaches are almost magical, and the palm trees complete the image of ‘paradise on earth’.
Unfortunately, the feeling of relaxation and total peace can easily come to an end if you end up sick or injured. As with anywhere in the world, the possibility of illness and injury is very prevalent in Fiji and can befall anyone at any time. Being prepared and taking the time to learn about the common illnesses, as well as the most common dangerous illnesses and safety info will go a long way towards making your vacation smooth and incident free.

If you’re traveling to Fiji for the first time, whether as a backpacker or general tourist, the following info will help you plan for and ultimate avoid the unexpected.

The Sun

As common sense as it may seem, the sun is one of the most dangerous health issues Fiji travelers face. You’re in the tropic – the sun is very strong and just overhead, shining down and burning indiscriminately. If you’re planning on spending the day outside, take a bottle of sunscreen with you and apply it hourly, more so if you just got done swimming. Don’t spend all moments in the sun – the shade will be just as warm, but will reduce the risk of sun poisoning and burning.


Be careful when it comes to water in Fiji – not all locations have safe tap water. The Coral Coast is generally fine when it comes to everyday drinking water. In other locations, however, it can be risky. It’s better to spend the extra money to purchase bottled water. Also, be careful with food that is washed with local tap water, such as fruits and vegetables.

Sharp Beaches

This may sound odd, but ‘sharp beaches’ can be an issue in different locations. Walking through shallow water and in sand near water can result in cut feet due to sharp rocks and shells in the sand. Be careful when first walking through unfamiliar waters, and if you notice sharp objects, get some shower shoes with rubber soles – this may look a little goofy, but a slice across the arch of the foot can ruin a vacation.


Disease themselves aren’t a huge issue in Fiji in the more popular areas. There aren’t any major outbreaks, and there are no required vaccinations. The CDC does, however, recommend that travelers make sure all their routine vaccinations are up-to-date, and that you consider getting vaccinated for Typhoid, and Hepatitis A/B.

In addition, you may want to bring iodine tablets to purify water – bottled water can get expensive, tap water is generally not safe, and you may end up in a location where bottled water is not an option. Iodine tablets can be purchase at any camping/outdoors/sporting goods store.

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Making Money


Goats can provide milk and cheese for lactose-intolerant people, meat for low-fat and cholesterol-free diets and mohair for making clothing. There are many benefits to having goats. They make great pets and can clear land, and they are fun to watch!
How do you make money? First, start off with a small herd of does, then buy a buck with good muscle. The kids that are born are “profit”. Keep the ones you want to (mostly does,maybe 1 buck) ,and sell the rest. Use the money off of the kids you sold to buy more does, then repeat. Soon you will have a herd going strong. That’s when you can keep some of the profit. Make sure to cull out the goats that are too old ,aggressive, not feeding their kids,or anything you don’t like about them,but replace them with more.

The breed of goat you want depends on what you want them for. Do you want milk? Buy a dairy goat herd. Meat? Buy muscular goats,usually Boer or Spanish.Or do you want mohair? Buy a fiber goat,usually Angora. A lot of people have switched to goat meat because of the health benefits of it. Selling goat milk can also bring in profits. The start up costs of goats can vary depending on the breed. The basics are shelter, good fencing, feed and hay, shots,tags, worming, emergency kit, water troughs, and feed troughs. If you are into the Dairy breeds, you may need more supplies such as a milking machine and a milking stand.

Selling your goats- you can sell goats in the newspaper, websites (like mine) http://www.freewebs.com/heathersboers or by word of mouth. If you want registered goats,be prepared to spend a little more on them. They should also sell for more. Children in 4H show goats in fairs and shows ,Most of their goats are required to be registered and or either does or wethers (castrated males). Make money doing something you love! raise goats!

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Decorating a Bedroom for Twins When They Don’t Agree on the Theme


Decorating a bedroom for twins can be a bit of a challenge if there is no consensus between them about what the theme should be. Short of having a spare room you could convert into an additional bedroom to get around there refusal to agree, you may be faced with trying to appease two very different points of view.
“But I don’t like butterflies!” “Well, I don’t like rainbows!” Whether your tag team consists of boy or girls or both, I’ve got a few tips that may save your sanity and bring some peace and tranquility to the task at hand.

The twins may not be in agreement on what theme to use for decorating their bedroom, but they just might agree on what color to paint the walls. Pick up some paint swatches and let them peruse through them for a couple of days. There’s always the option of painting one wall a different color than the rest. This would give them the opportunity to each choose a color.

Another part of the decorating plan that could give both twins a choice would be where to place the furniture in the room. Let one decide where the beds go, the other where the dressers go. This will teach them compromise while at the same time allow them to retain a sense of control.

In addition to these ideas, it’s also possible their individual themes could be merged together. Take for instance the butterflies and rainbows. Maybe some different size rainbows with butterflies fluttering in the air around them painted on the walls? Or a combination of rainbow and butterfly curtains and pictures. There’s lots of ways to meld two different themes into a beautifully decorated bedroom. As long as one gets their rainbows and the other gets their butterflies, they’ll be happy.

Another idea is to designate a small area of the bedroom they can call their own. Let their creative juices flow in these individual areas. Hang a small shelf for each of twin. Let them fill it with items relating to their individual theme. A certain wall they can hang their posters on. Even a specific window they can dress in whatever fashion they desire.

No matter how much they knock heads, allow each twin to have their own set of theme sheets and a matching bedspread. Personal name plates for their headboards are always a winner as well as their own individual choice of a throw rug to keep on the floor at the side of their bed.

Speaking of beds, why not let the twins paint pictures or designs on the woodwork and headboard of their beds? Stencils or sponge shapes could ensure a neat and uniform design, and each twin gets to add to their own theme.

The important thing to remember is that although they are twins, they should be allowed to express their individuality. After all, they’ve had to share everything from the womb, their parent’s attention and their toys since they were born.

Allowing twins to have their individual say in how to decorate their bedroom is a great way to foster the idea that even though they are twins, they are two separate people with different likes; and that’s ok.

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Day Care Providers BEWARE!

You provide daycare for children because you love them. And yet you feel sorry for people who can’t afford your services. How can you help them, you wonder. If you are considering becoming part of your state’s childcare resource service, read on.
And if you live in the state of Illinois, you might want to prepare yourself for what you will encounter by joining their service. Maybe my experience will help you decide.

Having never worked with the program, I had no idea what to expect, whom to call, or how to initiate the program. A couple came to me asking me if I would agree to accept payment from the program for providing care for their two children. I agreed – if somebody in the state office could explain to me what my role in the program would be.


In my first conversation with the state I asked not only how much I could expect to make, but also when I could expect to receive compensation (I had previously heard that the state was notoriously late in making payments). “In one month,” I was told.

“OK,” I began, “so if I start watching the children on the 8th of July, I can expect payment for that day by August 8th.”

“You have to wait until the end of the month to turn in your form.”

“So what you’re saying is that I won’t get paid until two months from now.”

“You’ll get paid in one month.”

“But if I start watching them on the 8th of July and I can’t turn the paperwork in until the end of the month, and it takes one month to process the paperwork, actually I’ll be waiting two months before I receive payment.”

“You’ll get paid in one month,” he repeated.

I didn’t get paid until the middle of September, and I would imagine that if I called him to tell him I didn’t get my payment until September, he would say something like, “See? One month.”

So heed your first warning: BEWARE OF HOW LONG IT WILL TAKE YOU TO GET PAID. Here is the second warning:


During my initial inquiry with the state, I was told that I could expect to receive $21.60 per child over the age of 2 (full time), the current rate for Illinois State paid childcare. I was also told that if I charged more than that amount, I could ask my client for a co-pay. What the state failed to mention was that it had already figured out what that co-pay should be. What the family who hired me failed to mention was that the state’s co-pay was much higher than the one I agreed to accept from them. I had no idea what the state’s co-pay was – the state did not send the paperwork to me until after I agreed to accept the client.

If you agree to accept state paid clients say, find out BEFORE you assume responsibility for their children exactly what that co-payment will be. The reason? While you may be expecting to be paid $21.60 per day for each child, the state will deduct the co-payment from your check. If you don’t receive from the client that co-pay amount, you won’t receive it at all.

Translation: if you worked only 10 days during any one month for two children over the age of two, and you were expecting to receive $453.60, but the co-payment was $271.53, you will receive only $182.07 for those 10 days. And if your client bails out of his commitment to make the co-payment, you just made a whopping $1.82 per hour for the 100 hours you spent caring for BOTH of his children.

If the clients are asking you to accept state payment, they know what their co-payment will be. Get it in writing.


If you provide service on the last day of the month, you are considered the provider for the entire month. Whoever provided service prior to you is deleted from the program for that family. Obviously, it works the other way as well – if you provide service for one month and the parents pull their children out of your daycare on the last day, the provider who watched the children on that last day will get paid for that month.

In terms of payment, that means that if you cared for your client’s children from September 1st through September 21st, and somebody else cared for them the final week of September, you will receive nothing. I assume this is the state’s way of keeping money that belongs to somebody else.

Not every state program is run the way Illinois runs its programs. Check with your individual state’s childcare resource service center – if these warnings did not dissuade you from deciding to accept state-paid clients.

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Day Care Centers – Are They Right for You?


Many people ask, “where can I find a good day care that is safe for my child, cost effective and has a qualified staff?” I could go on and on. Well, day care centers these days have a lot of stipulations, so most will be qualified. Most day care centers require training and even sometimes a degree.

This is hard when day care workers are still being paid such a low rate. If only the government could help pay day care employees what they are worth. These days, day cares can cost as much as a private school.
A good day care is all in what you want out of it. Do you want them to teach? Do you prefer a smaller day care? Can they potty train early? Will my child get hurt? That is the answer most parents don’t want to hear. At times children will get hurt either on the playground or by a friend. The Toddler room, located near Kinderopvang Leiden is where the children are learning to express feelings, throwing food, pushing friends and the infamous biting syndrome. One parent comes in to find out that so and so bit their child. They are very upset and want to know what can be done about the biter. The staff explains that this is a stage toddlers go through … etc… Next thing you know, you get a note sent home that your child is biting in the class! Aren’t you glad you didn’t ask for the child to be kicked out? Will there be a bully in the class? Probably, but hey there will be one in ones life through out life.

Does the above make it a bad day care. No, these are stages in life that use to happen at home, when mom did not work. It was a brother or a neighbor or even a cousin. If you still want to know if a Day Care is qualified you can ask to see the inspection report, which should be posted for all to see, stop by unannounced, and look at the employee board. Most will show the trainings that are being offered. Staff have to attend a certain amount of trainings a year. They also have to have a physical done each year. Most States require a police background check, a child abuse clearance check, and some are even requiring finger prints to work with your child. Now even though you are not allowed to see the clearances, you can ask if the staff has clearances and if they were finger printed. If they were then you know that there were no reports, cause a day care worker can not have a criminal record or any abuse record.

Remember that each day care worker has different personalities! So keep that in mind when you are looking. You may not like someone’s sense of humor, or one teacher might seem more strict then you think they should. Someone might be bubbly, some to serious, but in the long run having all these different personalities will help your child accept people the way they are. Working with the staff, will be the best thing for you. Since they are with your child at least 40 hours a week, getting to know them and working together will make your child more comfortable when you have to drop them off in the morning. Don’t be surprised if when you pick your child up he/she may not want to leave. Although you will feel upset, you will know that you have picked the right day care for you and your child!

Top Electronics Buys for DJs

When you want great sounds for your next party choose the right equipment for a knock-out party. You’ll have a big crowd at the door trying to get into your party.
The music will sound so great you’ll have people stopping by just because they hear the music. If you don’t have your own top 5 electronics DJs equipment, you can also rent it for the night from “Windy City Music” for a couple of hundred dollars. My husband is a part-time DJ and he knows a lot about it, sometimes I would go with him and watch, so I get to see all the things he bring with him to DJ for a party, he gets many calls about doing someones Wedding, Birthday party, or any kind of celebration, or outing that calls for a DJ. These are the top 5 electronics for DJs to start your party off.
Things you’re need:

1.) Mixer
2.) CD Dual Player
3.) 2 Speakers amp and immersive sound; Stands
4.) Head Phones
5.) MP3 Player

Those are just some of the things you’ll need but, in order to DJs you’ll need other things like:

6.) Cd’s
7.) Turn Tables
8.) Cordless Mic
9.) Records
10.) Lighting ( small lamp)
11. ) Cords, plugs, ACA, XLR
12.) Extension Cords
13.) Circuit Breaker, Patched Cords

14.) (Optional) Mirror Ball, or you can use a revolving disco Ball.
There are many lighting effects you can set-up for your party, you can have multi-colors flashing lights to the beat, or mini moon lights, or multi flower color lights.

That’s pretty much all the things you’ll need including the top 5 electronics for DJs. You can check out this website for sales, and half prices, and cheap DJs Equipment and Electronics at: www.cheapdjgear.us for more on whats on sell or half price.

You can purchase like a DJ package that includes everything you need to DJ a party if you like. If you’re just having a one-time party something like that, it would be better to just rent your DJ Electronics or Equipment for that night because, you’ll get some of your money back when you return the equipment. It’s always best to return it on the next business day after the party in order to be able to get some of your money back. Make sure there are no damages, and everything are in the same condition as it was when you rented it.

How to Install PHP Website


PHP Website is a Content Management System with many built in features. This CMS has a built in calendar, poll, menu manager, photo album, FAQ, and much more. The themes for PHP website are real simple and nice. They don’t look cluttered. You can install PHP Website by simply going through your control panel. In this tutorial I will show you how to install PHP Website in a few easy steps.
Log in to your website control panel. Make sure that you log in to the control panel of the website that you wish to install PHP Website on if you have more than one website. After you have logged in you will be carried to the interface page. Locate the Fantastico link at the bottom of this page and click it.

The next page will be the Fantastico page. On this page you will see a list of links down the left hand side of your browser. Click on the PHP Website link under the Content Management category or DNN .net CMS.


On the next page you will see a short description of PHP Website. Below that you will see a New Installation link, the amount of disk space required, and the amount of disk space that you have available. Be sure that you have enough disk space before continuing with the installation. If you don’t have enough disk space you may need to uninstall something or upgrade your hosting package. Click on the New Installation link to continue with the installation.

On the next page you will need to enter the information required to install PHP Website. The first two fields are often confusing to people who are new to installing programs through their control panel. So I will explain the first two fields.

Install on Domain – This field is asking you where would you like to install PHP Website. If you have sub-domains on this domain then you will have more than one choice. If you don’t have sub-domains then you don’t need to do anything with this field. If you have sub-domains and wish to install it on one of them, simply drop the box down and select the one that you wish to install PHP Website on.

Install in Directory – You can install PHP Website in the root directory or a sub-directory. If you install it in the root directory then you will see PHP Website when you visit the home page of your website. If you install it in a sub-directory then you will need to type in a certain URL to access PHP Website. Leave the field blank if you wish to install it in the root directory. Enter a name in the field if you wish to install it in a sub-directory. Make sure that this directory does not already exist.

You will need to create a username and password so you can access the admin panel. Below that you will need to enter your site’s name and your email address. Once you have completed all of the fields click the Install PHP Website button.

The next page will say that you have chose to install PHP Website on so and so domain and in so and so directory. If this information is correct then click the Finish Installation button. To change this information click the back button.

The last page will show your username, password, the admin url, and the url to access PHP Website.

You have successfully installed PHP Website and now you are ready to start setting up your new website.

Productivity Improves When Workers Are Sleeping


You find yourself a bit sluggish at work and simply without energy. The chances are that you are tired and need a better night’s rest. Companies are slowly learning that when employees are tired they are losing money and productivity is wasted. Employees who sleep well also work well and carry on their daily activities with a bounce in their step.
A study by the Institute of Medicine found that sleeplessness costs employers 150 billion dollars a year. These costs are a result of absenteeism, accidents, productivity, etc. all related to employees feeling tired. Where workers are tired they aren’t as likely to be watchful, happy to be at work or may need to take days off for rest. Instead of walking around like zombies they need their rest.

Most of us can remember a time when we could barely function. When we are exhausted we are short with people, don’t feel like working, can’t think very well and our body’s ache. According to the Better Sleep Council nearly 40% of all workers are chronically tired and this results in job dissatisfaction. This job dissatisfaction can lead to higher turn-over rates.

The average person needs 8 hours of sleep a night so that they can avoid the health and psychological problems that come with being fatigued. This time is used to move through the different sleep states so that the body can recover and the mind can rest itself. Sleep also allows for the solving of dissonance created in our minds through problems we face throughout the day. While sleeping our mind weaves these problems into stories (i.e. dreams) that have a resolution and can be put away so that they don’t bother us in the future.

Employers are slowly learning that sleep has to be built into the schedule. Often times, with our fast paced world, we have every electronic device that connects us to our work 24/7. Without the ability to shut down these instant communications from time to time we will feel overwhelmed. This sense of not having enough time to do the things that are required of us will lead to workplace burnout.

One of the simple ways to avoid worker burnout is to provide information on the necessity of getting one’s rest during orientation. The expectation of the job should never be more than 10 hours a day. People who must spend more than this time are either unproductive or they are short-staffed. Burnout can be a problem that is derived from the companies poor planning and companies can be held responsible if major health or psychological problems occur.

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Quit Smoking with Champix


Smoking is a tremendously awful habit that can be extremely grueling to give up. Yet, I cannot even begin to express the paramount value in quitting. Consider the numerous benefits:
#1. You are more likely to live a longer and better life.
#2. You reduce your chances of suffering a heart attack or stroke.
#3. You reduce your chances of catching lung cancer or emphysema.
#4. Your clothes and your breath smell a whole lot better.
#5. You will not bust out into a painful cough after climbing a set of stairs.
#6. You will have fewer wrinkles on your face and body with its vitamin c serum.
#7. You will have much more energy to pursue recreational activities.
#8. You will save an enormous amount of money.

According to the New York Times, less than 15% of smokers ever manage to quit. They are unable to handle the intense withdrawal symptoms and eventually give up on quitting. Even relying on a nicotine patch does not seem to help. Nicotine patches work by slowing reducing the nicotine in your bloodstream. Unfortunately, this still leads to intense tension, headaches, and withdrawal symptoms.

The solution I would like to offer you today is Champix. Champix is a radical new prescription medication used to treat addiction to smoking. It works by directly binding to your neutral receptors and curbing your crave for tobacco. Furthermore, it even goes so far as to reduce the pleasure obtained from smoking a cigarette. Unlike other smoking treatments, Champix does not rely on using nicotine to cure you of your nicotine habit. This dramatically reduces withdrawal and other negative effects associated with gradual decreased nicotine use.

Champix has also been proven to work better than antidepressants. Antidepressants such as Wellbutrin have been reported by the Panted Medicine Prices Review Board to offer only a 33% success rate compared to the 44% offered by Champix. Although 44% may seem little, it actually represents a breakthrough to the medical community. As of 2008, Champix is currently the most effective and successful smoking treatment available on the market.

Obtaining Champix does require obtaining a medical prescription for a professional Doctor. Thankfully, one can easily log onto the Internet, fill out an online consultation form, and then receive Champix from a registered Internet Doctor. So don’t let your body keep deteriorating folks! Sign up now and get yourself some Champix! Smoke just isn’t worth it!

Martin Downs, “Taming That Overwhelming Urge to Smoke”, New York Times

“Report on New Patented Drugs – Champix”, Panted Medicine Prices Review Board